Mosaic Tools

Upside Down Chisel 

Mosaic tools are available online.
They can however be expensive.

This simple solution costs just a few dollars.

1. Take a metal coffee can and fill with concrete mix. Make sure it is concrete mix with small stones mixed in. Thinsets or sandmix will not work as well.
2. Place chisel inside. Set upright using wood and rubber bands to put into place. Chisel should stick out about 1-2 inches above concrete. Let dry overnight or until chisel is total set.
3. Sharpen the chisel with a grinding wheel or 120 grit sandpaper. Use a small hammer over a large one. It will give better control when shaping stones.

Use safety gloves and glasses. Shape your stones any way you wish using different parts of the chisel. It takes practice. It may be helpful to have a second small chisel for refined pieces. 

There are mosaic hammers available online featuring a sharp strait edge. We prefer the small hammer as it weighs less, gives good control in shaping, and costs just a few dollars compared to a specialty tool. If you are making a large amount of mosaic it is helpful that the hammer be comfortable and low weight.